Red Bull, the Austrian beverage company, required that its Berlin office be a loft-style space with an urban "street" character. One floor of a former industrial building in Berlin-Kreuzberg has been rebuilt according to the client’s wishes, and a number of artists were commissioned to decorate the walls. The central design idea here is to preserve the original character of the premises. New elements are placed freely as exhibits and define themselves from the existing through shape and colour. In the reception area, visitors encounter a large red element of furniture in the Red Bull logo colour. A number of small show-fridges in the adjoining kitchen area forms an effective eye-catcher. The entire product range of the company is presented behind fourteen glass doors. In the office zone, each working area is visually separated by half-height cabinets. Electrical cables are visibly surface-fixed onto the finished walls so as to underline the industrial character of the space.

Pictures by K+W