Ester Bruzkus and Patrick Batek were commissioned by AZIMUT to develop the new vision for their international chain of hotels. Remaining true to their high aspirations and to their restrained style, the architects have created a series of modern and charming 3-star-plus hotels with a warm yet simple atmosphere. A contemporary style that guests can soon also enjoy North of the Arctic Circle: the new Azimut Murmansk opened in September 2014. The Bruzkus Batek concept extends over 19 floors of the highest building in the Russian Arctic, beginning with the golden reception block in the five-metre high lobby, the dark floors and the light oak wall panels. Lighted vintage-lettered signs in different colours and sizes combine to create eye-catching installations that show the way to the reception, restaurant or bar. In the "Living Lobby" distinctive areas defined by carpeting, bookshelves and glass walls, form zones where guests can work or relax. Ester Bruzkus and Patrick Batek designed the furniture and lighting in the public spaces themselves, and these complement the welcoming atmosphere of the hotel that has been achieved with decorative objects curated by One unique feature of AZIMUT Murmansk is the first AZIMUT Deli. With international flair, it is open to guests 24 hours-a-day. Again, the architects have designed the furniture themselves: large tables where people from all over the world can enjoy dinner together, combined with a grey high table for up to four people. A geometric patterned carpet creates a lively accent on the dark ceramic-tiled floor. The decor of the rooms follows on from the “smart-concept” developed by the architects: to use limited space in a highly functional way. At the same time they offer a welcoming atmosphere. As of September 2014 it will even be possible to spend the night in the Russian Arctic in the highest comfort.