Ester Bruzkus and Patrick Batek are carrying their new concept for the international hotel chain AZIMUT through to the eastern terminus of the Trans-Siberian Railway: by 2015 they will have transformed the AZIMUT Vladivostok into a modern, charming 3-star-plus hotel with a warm yet simple atmosphere. This typical Soviet building from the ‘50s lies directly on the seafront and is being fully refurbished. From 2015 onwards guests will be welcomed here into the new modern AZIMUT style that is characterized by elements such as the distinctive golden reception block, dark floors, light oak wall panelling and lit vintage signage showing the way to the reception, restaurant or bar. Here guests will find inviting working and relaxation zones in the "Living Lobby" created with furniture and lighting by Bruzkus Batek. The furnishings in the over 600 rooms follows the “smart-concept: to use limited space in a highly functional way. This means that guests find modern rooms with all the comforts expected from a hotel. With this Bruzkus Batek fulfils one of AZIMUT’s requirements: that the rooms be designed so that all the furniture can be manufactured in advance without knowing the exact room dimensions while still maintaining high quality design standards. The newly created conference areas will also adopt the warm tones of the public spaces. One of the most beautiful accessories of the AZIMUT Vladivostok, however, has been long created by nature: the view of the Pacific Ocean. Team: Ester Bruzkus, Patrick Batek, Anke Müller