Tim Raue, one of Berlin’s top chefs, brings French flair to the Glockenbach area of Munich with his new brasserie, "Chez Colette". Even the façade, with its gray-varnished timber panelling and integrated mirrored-glass blackboards, brings famous Parisian brasseries to mind. As do the furnishings inside, with many selected historic materials and pieces of furniture sourced from vintage dealers to give "Chez Colette" the atmosphere of an established restaurant from the start. Guests enter through a hallway composed of reclaimed industrial window elements. Inside the walls are filled with antique mirrors, below which green leather upholstered seating runs the length of one wall. Small marble tables and original brasserie chairs complement these. These tables, where guests can also sit on reclaimed seating from a French train, are located in front of the curved bar with its brass top and timber slats. The classic elements of a brasserie continue in the enclosing brass rods running between the bench seating, as well as in the mosaic floor of the bar. Historic station lighting is suspended above the bar, while, in the dining area, purpose-made pendant lamps interpret typical brasserie lighting in a modern way. The predominantly dark colour palette includes dark-gray walls and black-stained parquet flooring. In the tradition of the bohemian intellectual world of yesteryear, guests can read a wide range of newspapers while enjoying good food served in the bustling environment of “Chez Colette”. Team: Ester Bruzkus, Patrick Batek, Anke Müller, Lukas de Pellegrin

Pictures Nils Hasenau