“Architecture of the same degree of exactitude and clarity as the dishes I create” was Tim Raue’s dream for this, his first restaurant. It took a mere fourteen weeks to transform the former Crone art gallery into a restaurant that reflects this chef’s culinary style: sophistication scaled down to the essentials. The restaurant is divided into a “white cube” on the ground floor with a “black box” below. In the white cube, oiled walnut tables stand on a polished mastic asphalt floor surrounded by differing tones of blue. Benches in Prussian blue frame the boundaries of the space. Down the stairs, the salon is furnished with brightly coloured carpets and oiled walnut lamellas. Here guests can have an aperitif in an intimate atmosphere “illuminated” by a sky of 500 light bulbs. On special request, guests are welcomed here in the show kitchen at the bar’s white Carrara marble counter to a private dining experience. The highlight of the restaurant is the “Krug table” with its hand made metal marqueterie. Made of the same oak typically used for champagne boxes, it is located directly next to the kitchen allowing guests a perfect view into the interior of Tim Raue’s sanctuary. Team: Ester Bruzkus, Patrick Batek, Felix Bentlin

Pictures Wolfgang Stahr